The reason I get out of bed– Winter Farmer’s Market!

Yes, everyone.

I managed to wake up bright and early to go to the farmer’s market with my mom today.

The sun was shining, birds were chirping… Spring has officially arrived in Vancouver!20120916_161226

Isn’t the view just breath-taking? 🙂

Okay, fine, I’d admit. This wasn’t taken this morning, which means I wasn’t canoeing earlier either! Shocking, isn’t it? 😉

Ahhh, I wish summer would come faster (missing the vibrant summer produce!); but don’t get me wrong, I still love the abundance of fresh winter produce we get here in British Columbia.

winter market

(Image: Flickr / Seth Anderson)

Yes, sadly, this beautiful picture of winter squash isn’t taken by me. I was wayyyy too giddy and excited at the farmer’s market. There were just so many more vendors than the few I was used to in usual local farmer’s market! I definitely felt like a kid in a candy store (sorry for the cliché, I just had to 😉 )

I soon became a proud owner of one of the squash 😀

blog 002

This organic baby was over $10! (shhhhh, it’s a secret)

tag 016

The place was pretty packed with people, and dogs. It’s nice to see all the tails wagging, supporting the local farmers 😉


My mom and I managed to stroll around the vendors for quite a while, longer than the “average person”, browsing through all the different leafy greens, veggies, breads, food trucks… the waft of all the food was just overwhelming (in a positive way).

There was even this vendor who set up a table of all the different sprouts they sell for people to sample! 🙂

I sampled the sprouts of these… boy, were they spicy!


Wow, that’s a big picture! Yes, radish sprouts. They have a reddish tint to them, which apparently really sparks my fascination (resulting in picking out the spiciest, most peppery kind of sprouts laid on the table)

After that surprising sprout incident, I cleared my tongue (yes, my tongue 😛 ) with some vegan seed and grain pate samples.

Three words: Ah-maz-ing!

so amazing you wouldn’t believe.

gahhhh soooo goood.


you wouldn’t believe it.

actually you would. Let me explain….

tag 022

Okay, do you see this? This amazing nuttiness and seediness. Ahh, perfection. Seriously, SO GOOD.

There were a couple varieties, including mushroom, squash, and mixed herb, but the sundried tomato pate is the one!

Oh my. All the flavours just burst in your mouth…. actually, more like melts. 😉 literally.

tag 023

oh, and the ingredients are quite beautiful too, considering how amazing it tastes!

That settles my next recipe mission: to make a perfect vegan pate 😀 I can will do it

Enough talk about the pate now 😉

Here’s my Winter Farmer’s Market haul (yes, normally people won’t refer going to a farmer’s market a haul…)

tag 017

such goodness on the table (see the squash I was talking about? 😉 )

Oh yes, in case you are wondering, inside that bag are actually dried oyster mushrooms 🙂

The dried version is bit less hefty in the cost, which keeps my wallet happy; just requires time for soaking! (but hey, they keep longer!)

tag 020

Off to make something delicious with this fresh produce!

… like this…. 😀


Sorry about the picture quality, I was just lazy  thought it would still be beautiful without all the light adjustments 🙂

(and I hope it pleases you)

Comment Below: Do you make time in your morning to go to your local farmer’s market?


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