Coconut Cashew Goodness!

Ahhhh, coconut water– super hydrating, yet epic-lly nutty n’ sweet.




If you haven’t tried this stuff, it’s time to hit the market! So much better than the canned version.

Drinking the young coconut water AND making i-scream with the meat? You bet! Just make sure you don’t end up drinking BOTH coconuts like I did…


This will make the creamiest, yummiest nutty frozen deliciousness anyone (yes, even non-vegans) to indulge in. This is SO GOOD shrfsihgiorhgoihrgh.


Coconut Cashew i-scream

2 cups raw cashews (roasted works fine too), soaked for 3-4 hours
Coconut meat from 2 young coconuts
1 cup coconut water (usually from only 1 coconut, but you can use canned too!)
1/2 cup agave — you can use as much as 3/4 cup as you like, but 1/2 is enough for me
3/4 tbsp. vanilla paste — less if you like, but vanilla is the bomb!
2 tbsp. vanilla extract 
1/3 cup coconut oil, melted 
Simply blend (Vitamix’s specialty 😉 ) ALL the ingredients EXCEPT the coconut oil until super smooth have the consistency of a milkshake 🙂
After you’ve oohed and ahhed and licked your lips, take your melted coconut oil and pour it into the luscious milkshake you have just created. Blend again and admire that luscious nutty concoction.
Drink up! Just kidding, although you should clean your blender with your spatula before washing.
Oh and I have this cutest finger spatula to do the job, from my awesome friend Amanda. Thanks girl, it totally makes me seem more hygienic 😉
Isn’t this finger awesome? I know, I love Fred.
It is totally normal to have the urge to pour the i-scream in your mouth, beware.
Now use your ice-cream maker if you have one! I have the Cuisinart Ice-Cream/Yogurt/Sorbet maker.It works wonderfully in just 20 minutes 🙂
Churn, baby, churn! Whoops, forgot about Fred there.
But if you don’t have one, no biggie! Put the i-scream in freezable containers (I really love those Ziploc containers). Check back every 40 minutes or so, and stir with your favourite spatula (yes, I have a thing with spatulas, a post on those soon), until the i-scream eventually becomes the i-scream you are acquainted with.
Feel free to add any mix-in’s when the batter is thick but not frozen
e.g. cacao nibs, chopped nuts, or even some date caramel (recipe on THAT soon) 🙂
Feel free to experiment and let me know what amazing concoction you come up with!
Is your sweet tooth calling you yet?
Comment below: What is your favourite vegan i-scream? 😉


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